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Say cheese!

Would you you be interested in being part of Sparks Photography's "Tween Team"? 
Hmmmm, what is a "Tween Team"? 

This is an awesome opportunity to spend time with some awesome girls, be part of 2 crazy, fun photo shoots over the summer & have amazing photo's of yourself to share in your very own gallery and personalized phone app. All images posted on social media need to be tagged by Sparks Photography. This is also an opportunity to promote Sparks Photography, so any fabulous plugs or

referrals you might send my way would be appreciated!

I would like to do our 1st photo shoot in June & 2nd in August,

specifics will work around the girls summer schedules.

If you are interested, please submit this application with a photo of your happy face!

I will put our team together and get busy creating

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